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topic posted Mon, November 6, 2006 - 3:57 PM by  ~ISA'S
Sew..ive been hearing alot recently about sewing and crocheting dreads. Ive got mad crazy loops and flaps that i would love nothing more than to get rid of. I havent figured out 'how' to sew or crochet them and nobody here does it. Do you 'sew' ..with needle and thread....or use hair? not sure how that would work with a loop? I heard to crochet you put the hook inside the center of the knot, grab the loop and pull dat suckah in! Does it stay??? I know anytime I have had something wrapped around a dread its left really thin afterward in that spot.
Thats what happend to some ends that are thin that I would also lurrrv ta get back into a thicker part.
Sewers and crocheters speak up pleeez;>
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    Mon, November 13, 2006 - 3:33 AM
    yes you can crochet and sew bits of dread back into themselves with hair or matching thread - i've even sewn back on dreads that have broken off! as for tying around the dread - just don't do it too tightly and there shouldn't be any breakage...
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      Mon, November 13, 2006 - 7:26 AM
      I'm so sorry I didn't reply back, I thought I did but then saw your post here and saw i didn't :( So, sewing...I use upholstry thread since it is stronger than cotton. Make a loop about 3" long with a needle on it. At the end of a dread with a loose tip seperate the tip into small sections. then one at a time pull the sections through.
      1)stick the needle partly through a dreaded section. You'll want to be near (1/4" up) the dread/non dread part.
      2)put a small section of the tip through the loop and hold it in there while you pull the needle/thread/hair all the way through. The loop is just a tool for pulling hair back through the dread and does not stay in your hair.
      3)keep doing this until that section is sewn all the way in. Just go back, forth, up, down... which ever way you think it should go. Remember you are training your hair.
      4) do this with the remaining sections until there are no more loose ends.

      I did this on quite a few of mine and then they really started locking up. I will try to take pics when I get home as it is easier to see than to describe.
      The loops and flaps are going to happen. At least they did with mine. I use a crochet hook sometimes. I have a size 10 and you just stick it in on the opposite side and slowly try to pull hairs into the shaft. I say slowly because the hook is really small and it can't grab many.
      I also palm roll a lot to get the flaps to lay down. Another thing I do is I gather up the loose hairs around the flap and pull them through like I did at the tip. It makes kind of a "tack" holding the flap down.
      I hope this helps! Let me know if it was confusing-I hope the pics will help :)
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        Mon, November 13, 2006 - 9:40 AM
        that rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks so much for all the info. I couldnt picture 'how' to sew my dreads cuz the chic who told me about it said that the thread didnt stay in lol. i was wondering how the hell to sew with no thread. but the end just goes in the loop to help pull it thru...makes sens. my hair was waaaay curly when it dreaded...typical jew i have lotsa flaps and loops that are driving me crazy. i cant wait to try this!!!
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          Thu, November 16, 2006 - 12:16 PM
          Didnt work;<
          MMkay...i got a crochet hook. Put it thru the dread, grabbed the flap..pulled it to the center of the dread. When I took the crochet hook out, the flap popped right back out. Tried it on several areas and couldnt get the flap to stay in.
          As for the sewing..even worse. I made the loop with my string and needle. Took the piece of the dread to sew back in and put it the in center of the loop. Held it there til I pulled the needle thru, but once I let go the thread didnt pull the hair thru...then got stuck in the center of the dread and broke lol.
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            Thu, November 16, 2006 - 9:55 PM
            For crochet, pull the hair all the way though to the other side of the dred. Then insert the hook from the fist side, and pull the firzzy back into the dred. This way you are looping it from one side to the other, and then back to the middle again. This way the frizzy will not pop out. Also experiement with knotting bits of hair with the hook itself. Its like tying fool-knots... if you have a bunch of frizzed quite close to one another, you can kinda loop the next one through the first one, as you bury them in your dreds..... hard to explain, but what ends up happening is that loose hair wont pop out because its looped through other loose hairs, which are looped through other loose hairs...etc...
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            Sat, November 25, 2006 - 6:06 PM
            I have found that crocheting dreads only works on doing dread extensions but for maintaing locks to get rid of loops that sewing works much better. I have used thread and synthetic hair and those loops won't pop back out I promise. Just find a needle with a fat eye and using synthetic hair will thread easier.

            I think that crocheting works best for super kinky hair but if you have straight to curly hair it's not so good.

            Good luck!
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            Mon, May 19, 2008 - 9:14 PM
            I have the same problem trying to pull loops and flaps into the dreads. They just won't stay. I did get some rubber bands and put them over the particularly large and obnoxious bumps, and those seemed to blend into the dreads by the time the rubber bands fell out.
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    Fri, November 17, 2006 - 7:11 PM
    I use clear thread to sew down my bumps, it works great. On darker hair I not sure if clear thread will show, but I have blonde hair and couldnt find thread that matched. You can even tell that it is there.
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      Sat, November 18, 2006 - 8:11 PM
      I do have the thread break quite often but sometimes it's because I have too much hair or I'm pulling at a wierd angle. I can always get the thread out though. Keep working with it and you'll get the hang of it :)
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        Sun, April 27, 2008 - 7:09 AM
        are there any alternatives to this? im not a fan of leaving thread in my hair?
        or does it dissolve out?
        • Ken
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          Re: Crocheting & Repair

          Sun, April 27, 2008 - 11:01 AM
          I use the crochet hook to maintain my dreads and I never used threads! All I do is either crochet the loose hairs back into the dread itself.

          For flaps and s-shapes, you just gotta pull the flap back into the dread, either upwards or downwards. After pulling the flap into the dread, you gotta jab the dread or in other words tighten that particular section by jabbing the hook in and out of the dread causing the hair inside to mess up and lock.

          For the roots, I suggest not to mess with it if they are shorter than 1 inch. After that length, if the dread is still loose, you can slide the hook downwards into the loose section and pull the hair upwards. This way, it will tighten the loose area and also make it a little 'fatter'. Hmm, try it, then you know how it feels.

          If you need more help/tricks, do reply!
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    Mon, April 28, 2008 - 4:39 PM
    anyone know where I can order a nice steel crochet hook online? I'm looking for a .6mm hook, unless someone suggests a better one for use with maintaining my locks. I'd really like to rid myself of those darn fuzzies and other loose hairs. any help much appreciated. thanks in advance
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    Thu, May 1, 2008 - 3:51 PM
    I would think you use a crochet-hook and loop flat narrow bands. But it has got to be pretty hard to do your own. Practice by crocheting some rasta tams. You can get good at splicing in colors and then make combos of crochet thread and hair. Never heard of crocheting hair, but I made a ton of "lids" for my dreads when I had them. Afro-genes make dreading a natural, so I never got into "making" them.
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    Wed, May 14, 2008 - 5:34 PM
    I use a dull large eyes needle for sewing leather to sew small groups of hairs and even single strands in with a felting method. Back and forth interweaving till I am out of hair....takes forever I do it slowly over a week or so, looks good.
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      Sun, February 13, 2011 - 7:58 AM
      WTF kinda dread thread is this? The first commentor says he sews his dreads back in after they fall out! that says it all... no patience at all people.. Using thread? poking holes? ugh makes me wanna puke

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