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topic posted Sat, February 10, 2007 - 12:30 AM by  Nick
how long should you wait after you put in your dreads to do a salt water rinse. i heard it helps your dreads lock up really well and one of my friends recommends it.
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  • It helped mine lock up right away... Although I do an Ocean salt water dip... Not sure about table salt and water etc... good luck
    • this is probably a stupid quesion but....

      did you soak them and then let them air dry or do you wash them afterwards?
      • Salt soaks are great to do at any time, it will help harden your locks. I do a salt soak before I wash my hair , it's just easier to do it all in one sitting and also rids of any salt residue that may be left over in my hair or body. But...that doesn't mean you HAVE to wash your hair after, a good rinse in regular water would probably be fine.
        • thanks alot Jayde. i think i'll use your idea and do it before i wash my hair. i just finished putting them in today so hopefully this helps alot.
          • What do you mean soak? Like get a bucket of water and put them in there? Also, like how much salt are we talking about here?
        • How exactly does it lock up? I mean I can understand the original locking process of backcombing, and then it tightens...but how does hair actually dread? Shouldn't the hair just grow out straightened, and undreaded after a while? Also, how does Salt help it?
  • I think it's also important to note that you'll get the best results with SEA SALT. You *can* use regular table salt, but hey :)

    Also - over using sea salt and actually WEAKEN your dreads. I usually put about 1/2 teaspoon in a 32 ounce cup of hottish water and i pour it over the length of my dreads.
    • Unsu...
      I'm on the sea every day. Do i have to rinse my hair out? Seems like washing with salt and then shampooing or rinsing just takes the salt out. Shouldn't you leave it salty?
      • i think the thing is to get 'some' salt..but not a ton. too much will def make your head itch like crazy!!!! i use a spray bottle with sea salt and bottled water

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