Wrapping new dreads with string

topic posted Thu, July 21, 2011 - 3:11 PM by  Jeffery
I just got dreads about two weeks ago, I love them to bits, and they are some cute ratty little things. Anyway. I've just been palm-rolling mine, washing them occasionally with a natural non residue soap, and generally letting them run free to be their knotty little selves. I had a women at school today suggest that I wrap them, and I was wondering what you all know about that.

What she was suggesting was thread wrapped around the entirety of the dread and then leaving it on until it falls off, disintegrate might have been her word choice. We started talking and it turns out she's from Jamaica and that's how she, and some friends, had dreaded their hair. I think a couple of my little dreadies could use that extra oomph, and most of the roots. But before I go tying my hair all up I wanted to get some other opinions.

So. Opinions anyone? What kind of thread, don't-do-it, best-thing-i've-ever-done, anything you've got for me I'd love to hear it.

Thanks much y'all.

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    Fri, July 22, 2011 - 7:06 PM
    no no no no no!!! I've never wrapped mine in order to dread, BUT...with my first set of locks, I did have a few I almost completely wrapped in thread as decoration...and I found, when I unwrapped them, that the hair beneath had not dreaded beyond what it had when I first wrapped, but had instead simply squished all the hair together, this being accelerated by all the gunk (oils and shampoo and dandruff) that had worked its way into the lock and was unable to escape! For hair to lock-up, you want each of the hairs to be free to move about, so they can 'grab' onto other hairs. This is what knots are. The same reason wax use for locks is silly, prevents hairs from moving. It may work on certain hair-types, but I know for straight hair, it is a no-no LOL...seriously, if they're coming along nicely, why bother wrapping them? Let them do their thing - and this way, you don't run the gauntlet of risking wrapping - I mean, wrapping may work for your hair, or it may not...and I know with the few dreads I had wrapped, I had to comb them out to get all the gunk was truly the most disgusting thing I've ever seen LOL! Think, combing through hair and each stroke is pulling out masses of grey-ish putty-like stuff...ughhhhh
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      Sat, July 23, 2011 - 7:28 PM
      Bummer, bummer, bummer. I was hoping to not hear that, ahaha, ah well.
      I think I'll keep the strings on the roots though, I'd rather that then the rubbers and my roots need the help. Super straight, super fine hair, i'm worried i'll wake up one morning and it'll all be gone.
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        Sat, July 23, 2011 - 11:36 PM
        I have fine, straight and oily hair...I found, the best method for locking roots is to root rub whilst the shampoo is in your hair. Wrapping roots and banding roots is likely to have the same result = hair breakage, which will mean a halo of short frizzy hair around your scalp that's too short to lock into dreads. Try the method I used. Make sure it's residue-free shampoo (I used DReadhead shampoo cos it dried my hair out beautifully), lather-up then root rub all over your scalp. Seperate your locks down to the roots (pulling dreads apart so they don't lock together) and rinse very well. Air dry. Once they're dry, give them a nice hard palm-roll. When I first started this technique, my locks were past my shoulders and like 3 inches of my roots were undreaded, and nothing seemed to lock them up. After a month of doing this technique (once a week, so four times in all), my roots were locked-up almost right near the scalp...I didn;t do any other maintenence on them at all, but my roots locked themselves. I continued with the method after they were locked, just became a regular thing, and never had any problem with my roots again...

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