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topic posted Fri, February 9, 2007 - 2:17 PM by  ~Jessa~
Hey, hi everybody.

My name's ~Jessa~. I'm just regrowing my hair out after losing it during chemotherapy. So far I've only got 1 inch on my head, but I thought I'd start collecting information now. I've always wanted to do my hair in dreads but for some reason or another I never got there. Now, after the cancer, I'm on disability and in hospice care. Doctors don't expect me to live but I confuse them. Ha! I'm already living past all their words of doom and gloom!

Anyway, I used to have long beautiful blonde hair. You can see pictures of me in the gallery in my profile:

Before I started chemo, my friends and I separated my hair into 15 long braids and we cut it off to save it. (If you let the chemo take the hair, it will destroy it.)

Also, I have a LOT of my hair that I would collect everytime I would finger out those lovely curls I used to have.

And also, in a show of solidarity, when my hair was cut for chemotherapy, many of my friends from all over the world cut off bits of their hair and sent it to me to collect.

So! I have a LOT of natural human hair, mostly mine, it's just not on my head. (It's in a nice box. :) ) What I want to do is this: When I had my long curls, again, see my photo album:
my hair had a tendency to naturally form dreads. What I would like to do now is to start with the hair on my head, and start working it into dreadlocks, and then take all that hair in the box and slowly work it into my dreads so that I can have crazy long beautiful dreads without waiting the 10 years it took to grow my hair before I got cancer.

So, who's got ideas!? I know there are people who will tell me it can't be done, but I don't want to hear from them! I am a walking miracle! I have done many things in my life that people told me could not be done. I am supposed to be terminal and yet I am up and walking around. So, I'm looking for a few crazy optimistic people with ideas on how to make and repair dreadlocks, and then, well to get started doing it! I know I'll need to grow my hair a little longer first but what about preparing some dreads to be ready from my old hair fluff?

What you say, people? Anybody wanna help me get looking fabulous again?
I'm ready to listen and learn!

Love and Blessings to all,
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    Fri, February 9, 2007 - 3:26 PM
    Awesome story Jessa!

    As your hair grows back from chemo it will be MORE curly than before (the chemo "perm"), so it should dread easily... you could either dread your hair and then attached the dreaded pieces, or you might be able to dread them together. I would try to find an experienced loctician to help you to decide which way to go.

    Good luck on the healing!
    Here's my favorite anti-cancer site
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      Fri, February 9, 2007 - 4:25 PM
      Also here's a thread from the dreadtribe on natural extentions:
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        Sat, February 10, 2007 - 5:05 PM
        Okay, so I think I know what to do next.
        My hair is too short to dread on my head, so I'm gonna calculate the sectioning I'm gonna need (how many dreads) for my big ol' head,
        and then I'm gonna start making the extensions out of my old hair.

        My first questions are:
        what tools and products do I need
        to make dread extensions outta my old hair,
        and can somebody point me to a good
        HowTo: page or site that I can print out?

        Thanks in advance for any help!

        Peace and Blessings,
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          Sat, February 10, 2007 - 6:52 PM
          hey jessa!!

          For my synth dreads I make, the best thing to do the back combing seems to be a flea comb (metal) plastic regular combs just break kinda quick.

          Check out Quinnster. They have great directions for making dread extensions (thats where I learned.) It talkes about synthetic hair mostly, but the process would be mostly the same as far as backcombing goes I would assume. I'm sure someone with experience with natural hair will chime in with more knowledge than I have.

          DreadheadHQ has great info, so does

          Cant wait to see em! And congrats on your hair starting to grow back!

          Hugs :)

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